Flux Cored Solder Wires

Flux Cored Solder Wires
Product Description

Flux Cored Solder Wires

PAI RC-222 Flux Cored Solder Wire (Type R.M.A)
It is a rosin based flux having more activated flux but still chlorine is controlled < 0.3% and it confirms to IS.1921 and QQ-S-571 and is good for electronic and electrical industries as the spread factor is good and less sputtering and less fumes.

PAI RC-333 Flux Cored solder Wire (Type R.A)
It is a rosin based flux having more activated flux but still chlorine is controlled < 0.4% and it confirms to IS.1921 and QQ-S-571.

PAI RC-444 Urea Cored Solder Wire
Used in Capacitor Industry

PAI RC-555 No-Clean flux cored solder wire
It is a halide/ chloride free and one of the best spreading factor and less fumes while soldering and reduced sputtering also. It is more suitable for people using No-clean liquid flux.

PAI RC-660 Organic Flux cored solder wire

PAI RC-777 Highly activated rosin cored solder Wire
It provides highest activity and is recommended for soldering difficult metals such as Nickel to Zinc (Used in Capacitor Industry)

PAI RC-880 (Alum-Sold) Aluminium - Solder Flux cored wire
Suitable for soldering on Aluminium base Industry.
(Used in lighting industry)

PAI RC-910 Rosin Cored Solder Wire
It is made of purest WW gum rosin without any activators.

PAI RC-999 Low halogen flux cored solder wire.
It is rosin based flux having excellent spread factor, less halogen sputtering. It contains < 0.2% chlorine and confirms to DIN & MIL specifications.

Specially formulated newly developed flux cored wire for electronic industry having better spreading characteristics and less residue while soldering.

Approx.: Rs 1,594 Per Kilogram

Product Details:

Material Type

Bar, Wire, Stick


0.5-1 mm


22 SWG

Composition (Tin/Lead)


Wire Type

With Lead, Without Lead

Packaging Size

500 grams/reel

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